Reserve the retirement you deserve

By nature, physicians tend to be ready for almost anything when it comes to their patients and practice, yet we found through talking to OMA members that 80% “aren’t fully confident” they’ll be prepared for retirement. That’s why OMA Insurance has created the Advantages Retirement Plan, a first-of-its-kind group income plan specifically designed to help medical professionals begin reserving their retirement at any stage of their career.

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Get your retirement plan on track

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Did you know?

75% of doctors want to join a cost-effective group retirement plan.

Tax changes have made retirement planning through a corporation more challenging.

The plan is bound by a fiduciary duty to do what’s best for physicians.

Spouses are able to participate in the plan, significantly increasing the contribution threshold for RRSPs and TFSAs.

Sign-up is easy, simple, and will take 20-30 minutes on average.

The plan can accommodate fund transfers from your existing investment accounts.

What is the Advantages Retirement Plan™?

See how the award-winning plan works to help you achieve your retirement goals.