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It's that time of year, and here are three tips to help you stay on track with your retirement savings
February 18, 2021
By: The Advantages Retirement Plan™ is a finalist for the 2020 Benefits Canada Workplace Benefits Awards and Pensions & Investments World Pension Summit Innovation AwardsOctober 2, 2020
Consider putting your tax saving dollars into a TFSA or RRSP through the Advantages Retirement Plan™
June 5, 2020
This feature article is the last of three in a series on the soon-to-be-launched group retirement savings plan for OMA members and their spouses. Since the Advantages Retirement Plan™ was announced in the July/August issue of OMR, OMA Insurance has received hundreds of inquiries. This article offers more details about the plan’s features and partners, and additional information can be found on the new and comprehensive Advantages Retirement Plan™ website at
December 5, 2019
This feature article is the second of three in a series on physicians and retirement security. In response to OMA members’ needs for greater financial security after full-time work, OMA Insurance will soon launch the Advantages Retirement Plan for physicians and their spouses. This article, authored by the team at Common Wealth, the retirement security company helping OMA Insurance create and deliver the plan, features the advantages behind the new group plan that will help OMA members receive more retirement “bang for their buck.” Learn more and sign up for a pre-registration package at
By: Alex Mazer & Jonathan Weisstub, Common WealthOctober 24, 2019
This feature article is the first in a series of three, reporting on the research the OMA conducted around physicians’ retirement readiness. The OMA is responding to members’ needs for greater financial stability and the tools to build retirement security. This article shares what the OMA has learned over the past two years and outlines key elements of a retirement plan that OMA Insurance has developed with the help of our members.
By: OMA InsuranceAugust 16, 2019
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